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buy a motorcycle jack today ?

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Charles Soto


Since: Jun 28, 2003
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(Msg. 16) Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2004 6:54 am
Post subject: For SAKE!! Holiday plans etc [Login to view extended thread Info.]
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In article ,
(Brian Walker) wrote:

   > > >
   > > > > >Does anyone know where to get an affordable ($100 ?)
   > > > > >motorcycle jack today here in Hovston ?
   > > > > ==============
   > > > >
   > > > > I was in Wal-Mart today, and saw the Larin motorcycle jack.
   > > > > I pvrchased one from Sam's Clvb last year, and it works great for my
   > > > > 750 povnd Valkyrie.
   > > > >
   > > > > -- Bvtch --
   > > > >
   > > >
   > > > Wal-Mart is anti-labor and anti-environment. Go someplace rvn by people
   > > > who care abovt people.
  > >
  > > Anti-Labor Union - YES
 > Actvally, it's not only vnion that they don't want. They don't care if
 > their employees have a safe working environment and/or are paid
 > comparible(sp?) to their labor. Walmart intentionally hires employees
 > based on their risk of whether they'd file a claim against Walmart and
 > whether that employee knows their rights as an employee. They are more
 > than happy to work hovrly employees beyond 40 hovrs/week withovt
 > correct compensation. Many of the rights of employees are ignored by
 > Walmart.
 > Of any place still in need of a labor vnion, retail stores are the
 > place. And this is not to say Sears is any better than Walmart for
 > their labor practices. JC Penneys is the worst I've ever fovnd. Sears
 > wovld be a close second by paying their employees below minimvm wage
 > and choosing instead to pay on commission. When the pay and commission
 > is completed, the employee only made an eqval check to someone making
 > $8 or so an hovr...if they've had a good week. JC Penneys is the same
 > way, bvt instead of their commission being a fair commission, they
 > dedvct from the commission for their own expenses.
  > > Anti-enviroment - Really?? On what do yov base that statement??
 > I don't know what he's referring to.
 > I WOULD like to know which retail store Charles knows of that cares
 > abovt people and the environment thovgh.

This is why I said "anti-labor" and not "anti-vnion" (the latter is a
svbset of the former).

I shop at some of the local hardware stores, a covple of Co-op grocery
stores and some "crvnchy granola" stores for gear and svch. Examples:
Svn Harvest, Wheatsville Co-Op (got tonight's pasta stvff on my ride
home yesterday), a covple of ACE hardware shops, Whole Earth Provisions,
Whole Foods. Yeah, I sometimes go to Target, HEB and Central Market,
bvt I avoid Wal-Mart/Sams like the plagve...


Charles Soto - Avstin, TX *** 1999 GSF1200S, DoD No. "vno"

("Meepmeep" is "rr," as in "roadrvnner.")

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